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  • Finding the right early learning centre for your child is a huge decision, because today more than ever, it is about giving your child the right foundations for school and the rest of their life.

    Research shows that the first 8 years are what shapes a child for life, so it is crucial that not only do you feel comfortable that your child is nurtured and cared for, but they are being prepared for the big leap into succeeding during their school years and beyond.
    At Smarter Kids we are sensitive to bolstering your child through helping them develop their talents and strengthening any aspect of development your child is challenged in.

    We are perceptive to their growing sense of self and emotional and psychological wellbeing and ensure our programs enhance a feeling of security, love and acceptance.

    We ensure they are given all the skills they need to set them up for a life of success.

    Smarter Kids is a team of committed staff who love teaching and caring for children.

    Contact us today about how we can work together to create a lifetime of success and happiness for your child.

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