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  • Benefits we offer

    • Ideas

      Learn to represent their ideas in a variety of forms – talking about their thoughts, constructing, painting, building, drawing and taking on roles.

    • Social Skills

      Develop social skills – communicating, caring, negotiating, cooperating, sharing; engaging with the perspectives of others as they negotiate roles and solve problems.

    • Literacy

      Build foundations for early literacy and numeracy through the use of the specialised equipment and various self-selection activities.

    • Knowledge

      Access and apply prior knowledge through exploration and re-creation of familiar events.

    • Self awareness

      Acquiring new knowledge about themselves and their world as they play with others.

    • Imagination

      Develop imagination – using flexible and creative thinking in adapting to situations and finding solutions to problems.

    • Discoveries

      Experiment and make discoveries in a non – threatening way.

    • Work on it's own

      Are able to work at their own pace and at their own level.

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